Information on assigned EORI Number and the status of application

    Information on assigned EORI Number and the status of application

    Open search engine of the Polish EORI database

     By clicking on the above button you will go to a website with the search engine for already allocated EORI numbers and submitted applications. In order to search the number/application please fill out at least one field.

    The search result will display the information about the application number, application status, status justification and the allocated EORI number, or the information about a wrong search query. If the search engine is unable to find any entries as queried, the information "Brak wyników / No results" will be displayed.

    Third-country Economic Operatorscan search by the following fields:

    • Numer wniosku / Application number
    • Numer EORI / EORI number
    • Numer VAT / VAT number
    • Numer do celów podatkowych lub celnych nadany przez właściwy organ kraju zamieszkania/siedziby / Number for tax or customs purposes assigned by competent authorities in the country of residence/establishment

     Open search engine of the central EORI database in the European Commission

     By clicking the above link you will go to the EORI number search engine of all EU member states. You can search by the EORI number and in this way check the existence or validity of the number. If the result of such a search is positive, you will see: "This EORI number is valid." If the number you have given cannot be found, you will see: "This EORI number is not valid."

    In case of economic operators that consented to publishing their data on the web pages of the European Commission, you will also see, apart from the information about the existence or validity of the EORI number, the company name or the first/last name of the economic operator and the company address.

    Please note: the central EORI database is updated once every 24 hours at night. Therefore, the database does not contain data of economic operators registered in the EU on the day of search. It can be viewed from the following day on.

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